Tie a liar by the balls and hit them with a wand to tell the truth

All guys care about their balls. Because this is the source of their strength, but it is also their greatest weakness. So when a bad boy doesn’t want to tell the truth, just discipline him by the testicles! Indeed, he will confess everything under the pain and the fear of losing his precious balls. A boy was naughty. He lied about what happened to a fallen girl. To find out the truth, the master decides to directly tackle the most points of all males: the balls! To begin with, the executioner ties the totally naked boy to the frame of a steel bed. It ties the penis in such a way that it is held in the air, exposing the scrotum. With a glass tube and a pump, the executioner extracts the testicles from the body. The boy starts to panic. His balls are on the outside, vulnerable. The executioner can thus easily bind them so as to stretch the sensitive testicles just under the thin and delicate skin of the scrotum. The boy’s vulnerability is then increased. To further increase this vulnerability, the executioner places tightening ropes so as to pull the balls up to the maximum. Thus putting the boy in a very uncomfortable position. The torture begins. The executioner hits the boy’s balls with a wooden stick. It’s crazy how focusing on the most vulnerable parts of guys gets results really fast.

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