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Shoot in the balls with a gun (BEWARE it’s GORE, there is BLOOD)

Some video game developers really have a vicious and perverse mind. First of all, as guys, they know that the most important parts of the body for a man are the testicles. So we can say that a guy’s balls are sacred. Or, it doesn’t require them to provide a bonus for players who land a war rifle shot right in the balls.

Sniper Elite 3 - Testicle Shot

4 pairs of testicles in 1 shot!

With comments of the gamer

Sniper Elite 4 - Testicle Shot

Combat Arms - Nut Shot

Ballbusting. Nutshot. CBT. Cock and ball torture. Shot balls. Shot nuts. Shot testicles. Shot male sack. Shot man groin. Gunshot. Video game. Gun. Bullet. Blood. Gore. 

Stranglehold - Shoot in the testicles

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