Twitter - EdgingPrince - 2019-12-04 - kicking the slaves balls and playing with his cock. Hit your balls while watching, hit harder when I kick harder

Kicking the balls on social media (Twitter)

This cute young guy is looking good, his arms behind his head and his legs spread. His balls are undoubtedly relaxed in his large, comfortable sweatpants. The cameraman takes the opportunity to kick him well in the balls. Which brings the boy to the ground, on all fours. The opportunity is too good. The man kicks him from behind directly in the balls. What makes him moan.

After several kicks in the balls, to which he bandages and moans, we give him the final blow and it literally folds him in half and silences him.


Kicking him in the balls. Punch your balls when I kick him. RT for more#虐阳 #踢阳 #chutenosaco #patadaenloshuevos #mmballbusting #ballbusting #ballbusted #cbt #ballbash #金的 #急所 #m男 #kickmeintheballs #bdsm #gaybdsm #nutshot #ballpain #踢蛋 #虐蛋 #踢裆 #金的 #電気あんま

— edging prince S – ballbusting, cbt, bdsm (@EdgingPrince) December 11, 2019

1 thought on “Kicking the balls on social media (Twitter)”

  1. I was with a gf & she asked me if I had ever been kicked in the balls. I said only with a jock strap. She said she’d like to show me what it’s like & I said ok but not too hard & she said OK
    She tied my arms & legs to a post naked and started kicking me. I was going down in pain with each kick & she laughed. Soon she hit me so hard I yelled loudly going down in terrible pain. I said enough & she said no way. I’m not through having fun. She hit me again and said you want me to stop & I said yes please & she hit me again. She said from now on your balls belong to me & hit me hard again. She kept kicking me until I agreed to be her wife. I knew what my life was going to be like from then on.

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