How do you want to play with testicles?


Play with balls kindly

Touch balls  >
Grab balls >
Caress balls >
Massage balls >
Lick balls >
Swallow balls >
Suck balls >
Pull balls >
Tap balls >
Hold a guy on a leash by the balls >


Play with balls badly

Smack balls with hands >
Hit balls with objects >
Squeeze balls with hands >
Squeese balls with objects >
Punch balls with fist >
Kick balls with foot >
Kick balls with knee >
Trample balls with foot >
Flick balls >
Tie balls >
Electrocute balls >
Cut balls >
Crush balls >
Tear out balls >
Burn ball >
Boil balls >
Torture balls >
Get stuck balls with a humbler >
Get stuck balls with a press >
Hang by the balls >
Hold by the balls >
Pour hot wax on balls >
Put an irritant on balls >


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Badly treated balls stuffs

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How do you want to play with penis?


Playing with the dick kindly

Wank cock >
Caress cock >
Massage cock >
Lube cock >
Edge cock >
Lick cock >
Suck cock >
Make a handjob >
Make a footjob >
Fuck pussy >
Fuck ass >
Milk cock >
Make a 69 >
Hump cock >
Rub cock to cock >
Piss pee >
Use sextoys on cock >


Playing with the dick badly

Smack cock wth hands >
Hit cock with things >
Grab cock with hands >
Trample cock with foot >
Tie cock >
Tease and denial >
Forced orgasm >
Ruined orgasm >
Post orgasme torture >
Electrocute cock >
Crush cock >
Burn cock >
Boil cock >
Bite cock >
Tear out cock >
Cut cock >
Torture cock with things >
Put things in cock (sounding) >
Pour hot wax on cock >
Put an irritant on cock >




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